Damaur Quander, Ph.D.








                                          Human Capital Development

       Career  Counselor Consultant, Employment  / Education Training Specialist

                                                                    Work / Life Balance Counseling


Business Phone:  202 / 317-1008



Alternate Line:       443/812-4324



Email:     damaur@damaurconsulting.comdrdamaurquander@gmail.com







                    Ph.D.    (Transpersonal Psychology)     Research--Transformation of Institutions and Social                                                                                                Change of the 21st Century; The agents of change---


                    M.A.      Transpersonal Psychology:      Concentration - Women's Issues,  Minority, Diversity

                                                                                       Issues in Society/Workplace


                    M.A.      Graduate Studies Certificate:    Career/Life Coaching - Human Capital Development


                    B.L.S.   Social/Behavioral Sciences -     Mass Communications/Social Sciences






Certifications/Licensure:  Awarded Copyright 2013.  FVA: Functional Vibration Analysis;  personality

                                            assessment system for career, life coach counseling and human capital

                                            development consulting (2016)




Human Capital Consultant:  Recruiting, Professional Training, Organizational Development and Marketing, Program




Psychologist, Career Counselor, Life Coach

Professional Personality & Career Assessments ~ Evaluations Analyzed for Personal and Career Development; Individual Sessions, Group Counseling



Tranpersonal Counseling / Psychotherapy

Work with clients to define personality so that career transition skills will be the foundation for a new start, while building on those honed in past work and life experience. Work/Life Balance

Gifts, Talents and Challenges unfurled through Counseling, Teaching and Life Coaching

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Past Contractual Partnerships and Clients

 Washington, D.C.

      Veterans Administration - Federal Government

      Department of Labor - Women's Programs

      The Community TV Corporation / FCC -Federal Communications Commission

      The American University / University of Southern California DC Office MBA


      D.C. Department of Health and Human Services

      Department of Labor - Workforce Development Programs/Training Contracts



Maryland (Baltimore City)

     Baltimore City Public High Schools (Alternative Education Programs)

     Tesseract Program (Privatization Contract) Wisconsin/Maryland Principals

     Baltimore City Community College (TRIO Program)

     Prince George's Community College, Continuing Education/Workforce


     Challengers Independent Living (Youth Foster Care Transitional Living Program)




     Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation

     City of Louisville - Small Business Administration / Employment Counseling


     The American Red Cross of Louisville - Recruitment/Cross Training Division



Higher Education Contract Consulting & Customized Programs Development



    University of Louisville / Brandies




     Coppin State University

    Community College of Baltimore County

    Baltimore City Community College 

     University of Phoenix - Columbia MD


    Prince George's Comm College -Largo


    Montgomery College, Rockville, MD.  

    College of Southern MD- LaPlata MD


Washington, D.C.

     The American University / University

     of Southern California - DC Office-- 

        Contract with Dept of HHS/DC





     Transpersonal  Psychology Overview


              As a professional in this field, I am

  compelled to explain something about my discipline and

  how I work. My specialization is the identification of

  the personality and the energy it commands that is

  responsible for most of our choices in life.   In a very  

  specific (FVA) analysis, that identifies strengths,  

  weaknesses, challenges, talents, gifts and capabilities that

  either supports or hinders, helps me to determine the

  holistic foundation--of the mind, body, spirit connection

  ......as it applies to individuals, as well as institutions and



             Once this is determined, we build for personal /

  institutional organization, individual/group analysis;

  addressing the needs assessment, within a holistic

  medium of well-ness and healing in a proactive

  consciousness, using mindful behavior to reframing

  content and self-actualization goals. 


            This is my working foundation for human capital

  development with my FVA assessment tool, Functional Vibration Analysis.


                                        Dr. Damaur Quander